Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - 10/12/2011

Well...things haven't been good in the blog-o-sphere for me, in that I've been incredibly negligent. Internet had proved to be an unexpected issue during my vacation (which was fantastic) but now I'm back, and it's good to go. I've got a new philosophy towards this blog, a new attitude towards my craft business in general, a new tournament of Nerd Wars, a new addiction to Doctor Who, and probably some other new stuff I'm not thinking of. I've also got a PILE of Works in Progress, cause I'm in the middle of a lot right now! :)

The longest-term of these projects, I started at the beginning of September, and it was my main trip project. I tackled my first ever pair of socks!

The less said about the tip of the toe, the better, but for the rest, I'm quite happy with how the first one turned out. Thank god for self-striping yarn!

Mystery Spot Blanket
I made that pillow in August, and now I'm on to the whole blanket. I've made 3 entire squares and am in to the fourth already.

I'm spacing out the making of this over the next 3 months, so I'm almost done with this month's quota. :)

The last few days, I've spun this:

Pretty thin. I'll be plying it with this:

Just as soon as it arrives from the lady I bought it from in the UK. :)

iPad Case
And last but not least, this unpromising bit of crocheting is going to be a case for my iPad.

So, that's me! It's good to be back! And there's more in the works, just not actually started yet. :)

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