Friday, April 27, 2012

Finished Object Friday, 4/27/2012

I've got a few finished projects to show for the past few weeks! I had hoped to do more, but instead I've spent a lot of time going through my belongings and doing a massive expunging of stuff, a lot of which I've been carting around from home to home for a decade. No longer! But it's eating a fair amount of time to go through my stuff and then get rid of it (ie, resell and donate to charity, for the most part...). Here's what I've finished, though!

Green Yarn
My regular readers may recall when I bought this fiber last month while I was jonesing to spin, spin, spin!

Well, now I've spun it all up!

The color is closer to the top picture, of the two. :)

I've also made a couple 6" squares. One, I was teaching my friend how to crochet, so I made this while she was doing her first sc square...

Mine is the red square; the other is the first square she ever did. I think she did awesome, she learned way faster than I did, I'm very proud of her. ;)

This one is the first test I've ever done! I actually need to make a second and finish the test and give feedback and yardage and all of that...but I <3 it. :)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work in Progress, 4/25/2012

Not loads to say today. I didn't get nearly as much done, craft-wise, as I'd hoped in the past couple weeks - stuff has just kept coming up. But, well, that's life. I did finish a project, though, which I'll be posting about on Friday, and I FINALLY got back to some spinning that I've been wanting to finish since November. (ah, the way that Nerd Wars structures my projects - I would have finished this project ages ago, except that I didn't want to do it for no points in Nerd Wars and it was technically a Work in Progress, which meant no work on it until April...)

That's what I already had done, I plied it with a rainbow single that I had done in November.

And here's what I did last night! I ended up spinning like twice as long as I meant to...I'm gonna try to be done with the whole project by Friday. Indeed, the plan is faintly exciting - I'm gonna try to do a three-ply. In a year of spinning, I've NEVER done a three-ply. :)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - 4/18/2012

I had to be out the door two minutes ago - meeting friends to see Cabin in the Woods tonight - so this will be a SUPER FAST rendition of WIP Wednesday!

My team in Nerd Wars is putting together two six inch squares, one knit and one crochet. We're almost done; I helped out by pattern testing the crochet square, but I didn't have quite enough white (I don't think, anyway) so I stopped half way...

But the design is right, so that's what counts!


I bought those two hanks of green heather last month. I've now spun one of them, so I'm halfway done. Now I've just got to spin the other and ply them, and I'll be done. It's not that easy to work with, though, very slippery - had to spin it thicker than I wanted to.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

FO Friday - 4/13/2012

I'm back from my trip, and making things happen!! Literally! I actually MADE something! Wonders WILL never cease. ;)

Swiffer Cover
I hate wasting things. My swiffer is very convenient, but I cringe every time I throw away one of the covers. Having recently met a friend who informed me of how easy Sugar and Cream is to wash, I decided to delve in to my stash and crochet up a quick swiffer cover!

I won't get to try it out until I've used up my current stash of pads (I still have three left...) but after that, I'm hoping I won't have to waste any more pads for a long while! :)

I also got very good at loop stitch...

No other finished projects to show for the last month, though I did start some spinning yesterday which I'm sure I'll get done sometime next week. However, while I was away, TWO friends randomly decided to mail me fun craft-related packages. As this has NEVER happened before, having it happen twice in a short space was amazing and very exciting! The first, a friend from NW, knows me too well...

She made me a baseball bag and baseball bead markers! In the colors of my NY Mets!! Opening this up on Wednesday - about an hour before heading out to my first game of the season? I squeed. Literally, and loudly.

The other friend was stash diving and she found some AWESOME cloth. It's very unusual, but I already know exactly what I want to make with it!

There are about two yards in all, maybe slightly more, and it'll be perfect for my plan - a plan I hatched before I ever saw this fabric, which is kinda funny, really, and absolutely ideal. What is the plan? Nope, that'll have to wait until a Wednesday - hopefully, I'll have made some progress by this coming Wednesday...but we'll see, things are busy post-trip. ;)

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