Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work in Progress, 4/25/2012

Not loads to say today. I didn't get nearly as much done, craft-wise, as I'd hoped in the past couple weeks - stuff has just kept coming up. But, well, that's life. I did finish a project, though, which I'll be posting about on Friday, and I FINALLY got back to some spinning that I've been wanting to finish since November. (ah, the way that Nerd Wars structures my projects - I would have finished this project ages ago, except that I didn't want to do it for no points in Nerd Wars and it was technically a Work in Progress, which meant no work on it until April...)

That's what I already had done, I plied it with a rainbow single that I had done in November.

And here's what I did last night! I ended up spinning like twice as long as I meant to...I'm gonna try to be done with the whole project by Friday. Indeed, the plan is faintly exciting - I'm gonna try to do a three-ply. In a year of spinning, I've NEVER done a three-ply. :)

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