Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - 4/18/2012

I had to be out the door two minutes ago - meeting friends to see Cabin in the Woods tonight - so this will be a SUPER FAST rendition of WIP Wednesday!

My team in Nerd Wars is putting together two six inch squares, one knit and one crochet. We're almost done; I helped out by pattern testing the crochet square, but I didn't have quite enough white (I don't think, anyway) so I stopped half way...

But the design is right, so that's what counts!


I bought those two hanks of green heather last month. I've now spun one of them, so I'm halfway done. Now I've just got to spin the other and ply them, and I'll be done. It's not that easy to work with, though, very slippery - had to spin it thicker than I wanted to.

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