Friday, April 13, 2012

FO Friday - 4/13/2012

I'm back from my trip, and making things happen!! Literally! I actually MADE something! Wonders WILL never cease. ;)

Swiffer Cover
I hate wasting things. My swiffer is very convenient, but I cringe every time I throw away one of the covers. Having recently met a friend who informed me of how easy Sugar and Cream is to wash, I decided to delve in to my stash and crochet up a quick swiffer cover!

I won't get to try it out until I've used up my current stash of pads (I still have three left...) but after that, I'm hoping I won't have to waste any more pads for a long while! :)

I also got very good at loop stitch...

No other finished projects to show for the last month, though I did start some spinning yesterday which I'm sure I'll get done sometime next week. However, while I was away, TWO friends randomly decided to mail me fun craft-related packages. As this has NEVER happened before, having it happen twice in a short space was amazing and very exciting! The first, a friend from NW, knows me too well...

She made me a baseball bag and baseball bead markers! In the colors of my NY Mets!! Opening this up on Wednesday - about an hour before heading out to my first game of the season? I squeed. Literally, and loudly.

The other friend was stash diving and she found some AWESOME cloth. It's very unusual, but I already know exactly what I want to make with it!

There are about two yards in all, maybe slightly more, and it'll be perfect for my plan - a plan I hatched before I ever saw this fabric, which is kinda funny, really, and absolutely ideal. What is the plan? Nope, that'll have to wait until a Wednesday - hopefully, I'll have made some progress by this coming Wednesday...but we'll see, things are busy post-trip. ;)

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