Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday: This Blog!

Well, it's a New Year, and looking back on the year that passed, I'm not proud of the way things have gone for my crafting, my blog, and in general with my production. Don't get me wrong. I've done some fabulous things, some FO I'm VERY proud of, and some good work. I raised money for Japan, I became an important moderator in two Ravelry groups - one of which is the one of the most prominent boards in the entire site - and I got a solid core of a website that I just need to finish developing. I made more money that I did in 2011 from the business - though still not much - and I generally had all manner of minor successes. But oh, the things I let slide! So what comes next? I'm down for the count, but I'm not out yet. You won't see me tap! I'll do a post at some point soon reviewing the goals I set for 2011 (almost all of which I have failed) and outline my goals for 2012. I'll also do a post about business in 2011 - what I did that seemed to work, how my profits and money looked, how much I sold and of what, and what I think I might do differently. I'm keeping my goals and expectations for the year to come modest, perhaps more realistic, and I'm conservatively hopeful and even a little excited about what is to come. It's been a long 2011, with a lot of downsides. But as I looked at 2012 and thought, "I have to cut back, I have to do less," because I was at my limit last year, I realized: this is non-negotiable. I'm looking forward to what's to come! It'll be fun! ;)

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