Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography Print Survey Results!

I was waiting for a 24 hours period to pass with no answers. That still hasn't happened! It's only be 14 hours...but I didn't want to wait any longer. Anyway, I think the main consensus is pretty clear and not likely to change all that much.

So! Here are the results. 26 people took my survey!! Thanks, everyone! I was hoping for a minimum of 10 replies, so I was really excited to get so many.

To the question of how many prints I should do, there was no majority, but 10 prints received the most votes (7) followed by 5 prints (6 votes) - so I'll launch this experiment with somewhere around 10 prints.

In reverse order, the top vote receivers were...

11. "Snow Fountain" (10 votes)

10. "Squiggly Trees" (11 votes)

9. "Columbine" (11 votes)

8. "Angel in the Snow" (11 votes)

7. "Bee on a Sunflower" (12 votes) - tied with Water on a Lotus Leaf for top nature pic.

6. "Water on a Lotus Leaf" (12 votes) - tied with Bee on a Sunflower for top nature pic.

5. "Big Ben and Parliament" (12 votes) - the only foreign image with more than 10 votes!

4. "Harlem Meer" (13 votes)

3. "A Snowy Day in New York City" - the most popular of the snow images, with 14 votes.

2. "St. Thomas Church" (14 votes)

And the winner, the only pic to get 15 votes - that's 62.5% of my total survey takers, IS....

(drum role)


1. "Lady Bug on My Book" - most popular of the New York City life images!

There were a few surprises, too. For example, the sunset on the intrepid image, a personal favorite of mine, only got two votes. Only one image in the whole survey ("By Whatever Means You Can) got no votes.

Four people skipped the last question, but of the 22 who answered it, 21 said that I should do this (and the last said that I should do prints but not with these pics - guess they have high standards but thought I had potential!)

So I'm thinking I'll do a release with 12 prints - the 11 top vote receivers, plus one lucky winner, my "Snow in the Heights" image:

Though it only got 8 votes (and lowering the cap to 8 would cause four other images to make it) I've gotten more positive feedback and favorites on this image than any other I've ever put up (even though I don't think it's the best, go fig!) and people have actually bought it before, so I think I'd be remiss in omitting it.

I've also gotten two sources for prints with multiple recommendations: WHCC and MPIX, so I'll be looking in to both.

Once again, thanks so much for your help! If you haven't taken the survey and would like to, I'm still accept votes, you can take it at: survey monkey!


  1. Heh. None of my votes were popular. :)

    I'm glad you had such a great response to the survey. I also think several of the flower images could be used in a collage of some sort (if you're ever bored and in the mood to mess around with Photoshop or whatever). I don't know much about the process, but I think Flickr has some options where people can order prints in whatever size they like and you set the prices. Might also be something to look into. Good luck~

  2. FYI, my own votes were probably skewed by the fact that the monitor I was viewing images on doesn't display dark stuff very well. (Not that it's likely to change your results, but still.)

  3. @galiyah - bah! I'm sorry! Well, if there is one you want a print of, let me know, I can get it done with the rest and give you a discount, too.

    I've been thinking about those print on demand options at Flickr, too. I know places like the New York Public Library have a feature in their photo archive that enables you to just order a print on the spot - I've been meaning to look in to that - but I'd want to make it separate from Flickr, because I can't legally sell prints of most of the museum stuff.

    @swan-tower - no worries. Most of my images (except maybe the Big Ben one) aren't that dark, and in the end, I suspect it wouldn't make a huge difference in what you liked. :) Thanks for taking the survey!