Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring at the New York Botanical Gardens

I love spring, and I love spring flowers. Thus, I knew that if I couldn't find time in my busy work schedule to go to the New York Botanical Gardens and soak up the season, I'd be very depressed. And that's how I ended up playing hooky on Thursday afternoon and walking (and it's a loooong walk) to NYBG. And now you get to see some of the photos!

One of the biggest challenges I feel I encounter every year is photographing daffodils. They're my favorite flowers, but whenever I take a picture, I feel that it's not quite right. I don't know what it is, but I find it very difficult to take a picture of a daffodil that really captures what I love about them. This year, I think maybe I had a little success.

Then, of course, there are all of the other spring flowers: tulips, hyacinths, hellebore, and pasque flowers (and loads of others I'm not sharing just now)!

And of course you can't forget the cherry blossoms!

One of the big high lights of spring at the NYBG is the annual Orchid Show! I go every year and take ludicrous numbers of pictures of the gorgeous orchids placed all over the Conservatory. This year was no different...

And orchids aren't the only lovely plants on display in the Conservatory!

Finally, all that was left to do was to walk home beneath a glowing sunset. Yeah, I got a sunburn. :)

You can see the full set (which has more than 350 pictures!) here. :)

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