Friday, May 27, 2011

Finished Object Friday, 5/27/2011

Well, I can't quite fulfill my promise from Wednesday, in that despite putting in a fair amount of time on the third of my spinning projects, I haven't quite finished. My main goal with that spinning was to really try to get and maintain a thin yarn, and I succeeded fairly well, but I didn't reckon on just how long doing that would take! So I've got only about a third of it plied, and expect I'll have it done sometime tonight - but didn't want to wait to get this post up!

As it is, I have two skeins of homespun to share! :) Both are from fiber I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Blue Merino Blend
I got 8 ounces of this fiber cheap from the Yarn Barn. I tackled it first, and am pretty happy with how it turned out considering I'd never plied anything before.

It's a little uneven, but all in all while working on it I really felt I got the hang of spinning. I ended up with about 200 yards total, something approximating worsted weight.

Cathedral Handspun
I was still in the mood to do more, though, so I immediately launched in to my one major indulgence - the only fiber I got that was what I would consider expensive - the "Cathedral" colorway by Frabjous Fibers. This is Polwarth wool top, and it spun really nicely. I considered plying it with a different color, but couldn't figure out what, so I just went ahead and did two strands of it.

I've got about 100 yards of it, also about worsted weight, and somewhat more even than the other. I'm thinking about using it to make a hat. (I've got no idea what to use the other for.)

All in all, I'm loving spinning, and have been super in the mood for it. :) But this weekend, I'm going to try to get done my two major outstanding WIP, cause both are mostly finished, in preparation for the new Nerd Wars tournament starting on 6/1. :)

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