Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday: 5/25/2011

Long time, no WIP! I'm back from my vacation now, and back to crafting, but all I've been doing since I got back is spinning! I'm not going to bother sharing my specific current WIP, because I think it'll be done by Friday, when I'll have no less than three finished skeins to share, if all goes as planned!

How did this come about? Well, partially it's a failure of willpower - I've got crochet projects I really should be working on, but I just haven't quite mustered the...whatever. Indeed, they are sitting on a pile on my coffee table:

It's a clear idea of the state of things to say that not much has changed since I took this picture two weeks ago (though the blue fiber has been moved, and the gray has been removed from my knitty noddy.

The blue fiber, in fact, was what I was working on. Right after returning from Maryland Sheep and Wool, I borrowed one of Jenny's spinning wheels. She had recently bought herself two brand new ones, which put her up to four, and she had one she was thinking about selling. It's now the one that I'm thinking about buying.

I've been really, really enjoying using it. On my first attempt at using it, I really stunk. Badly enough that I seem to avoided taking any actual pictures of it. But on only my second try, with the blue fiber, it suddenly clicked, and I really got the hang of it quick.

So now I'm working on practicing getting my fiber nice and thin so that I can aim for a sport weight when I ply it. I'll have the finished blue, plus another skein for sure and a third skein hopefully to share on Friday! And after that, I've set aside time over the weekend to catch up on the rest. :)

Take a peak at all the other WIP over on Tami's Amis and Other Crochet Blog.

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