Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - 8/31/2011

Well, I'm back! And back for real, now. It's been a rough month with some amazing highs and lows. I've been super busy since I got back from all the traveling, though, catching up on both work, craft and personal stuff, so I've let a lot of days get away from me.

The highest high was that I got to see a lot of my wonderful friends and spend lots of time with them, celebrate and help put in place a wedding, sip afternoon tea, and generally love my family and the people who might as well be my family. The lowest low is that on August 19th, my 93-year-old grandfather passed away. He's been a fixture in my whole life, always present and supportive and generous. I won't say he was a saint, cause he wasn't at all, but he was my Poppop, and it doesn't yet feel real that he wouldn't be there if I called.

As for WIP, well, I think I'M the WIP this week. It's been a busy one for crafting, and I've think four or five FO for Friday (some are older that I just haven't gotten around to posting). This week is more about planning. Today is the last day of the third round of the second Nerd Wars tournament - and the last day of the tournament as a whole! Which means September is a free month, and I can start planning for the future. The big plan is this one:

I'm gonna make that blanket, except I'm going to do so in shades of black and rainbow as my contrasting colors. I'm planning to do it in Red Heart, with the thought that if I do it out of less expensive materials, I'll feel no compunction about ACTUALLY USING IT, even with the knowledge that my dog will lie on my bed and potentially damage it. :) I'm gonna buy the materials today...

Another plan is to actually mobilize and get some craft business WORK done. Man, have I been slacking all summer! Throughout the fall, I'm going to make the second drafts and publish the patterns for various things like my starfish, my roly poly king, the fox, and more.

Well, it's not much to share, but it's been that kinda month. Friday will be more interesting, with all my recent finished projects.

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