Sunday, February 19, 2012


I was reading earlier this week about some of the terrible things going on in Greece as that country faces their economic disaster. It got me thinking about all of the things I'd seen in Greece, and just how much of our cultural heritage we stand to lose if things there go really south. I went back to the immense task of labeling my pics from that trip (man, I'm SO far behind, have so many pictures from, like, my last four trips to label, over the past 3 did I get SO far behind? Time just flies!)

Anyway, I tackled the first set that looked interesting and like I could label it pretty quickly: images from Rhodes!

Rhodes is an ancient and beautiful city, and unlike most cities in Europe, still looks much as it has for hundreds of years.

This is a very typical view of what a street in Rhodes looks like. Some are wider, some narrower; some have tourist shops and restaurants spilling out in to the street, but all of them are of the same stone, and many have overhangs, arches, and connectors across the street.

There are also kinds of nifty little architectural touches - ancient looking lamps, plaques dedicated to Orders and governments and all those who had a presence on the island.

The ancient walls are still standing, and they command fantastic views out towards the ocean.

And then there is the ocean and the sky...

Yeah, it really looked like that. It was absolutely gorgeous, I liked Rhodes, despite the tourist-y atmosphere.

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