Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday, 2/29/2012

I kinda love that the leap year falls on a Wednesday, now it'll be immortalized in this post! :)

This week is all about cross stitch! I remain entirely in the mood to work on embroidery, so I'm just going with it, and I had a fair number of evenings at home this week, so I actually got a lot done.

Dragonfly and Lotus Cross Stitch

I've made a lot of progress, I think! I've now got noticeably less than a quarter of the canvas left, and it's even a bit less than that, because I've mostly done the middle part (inside the pink ring) which is mostly cross stitch, whereas the border is mostly half-stitches, which take MUCH less time, so with that little of the center left, I should be done with the cross stitching quite soon (given my schedule this week, I suspect I can have this part of the project done by early next week). That'll just leave the back stitching! There is a LOT of back stitching in this project, though - pretty much every gold-lined "panel" has backstitching all around it on both sides of the gold. And I HATE back stitching. I wouldn't be surprised if I put this aside and get the backstitching for an older project done first.

Other Cross Stitch and Embroidery
Last weekend, I decided to go through my craft drawers. I keep most of my craft stuff in bins, which I've gone through a few times in recent memory, but smaller stuff (such as cross stitch patterns, knitting needles, bobbins of thread, etc.) are in drawers which I tend to just stuff full of whatever comes to hand. So, I decided to de-clutter, make a bit of room, and remind myself what was in the drawers; I last went through them about two years ago. Since I'm in the mood to cross stitch, I particularly focused on what cross stitch patterns were in the drawers that I'd already started. I knew I had a fair few, but it was actually a bit more than I thought, and I figured I'd share.

I don't even like this one very much, but I bought it at a time when I was really in need of SOMETHING to do. I only worked on it a couple days, though, hence why so little is done! I'll have to decide if I even like this one enough to bother making it...

I started working on this one when I was an undergrad, so about 7 years since I last touched it. I think it's lovely, but it has a lot of quarter stitches and such, and so was driving me nuts. Still, it's relatively small, so I really should put in the time and just finish the darn thing...

This is the oldest WIP in the pile. I started this and did this work on it when I was in high school - so more than 10 years ago. It'd probably take roughly an hour to finish, so I imagine I'll just DO it. I've always liked beading...

Early in college, I decided I wanted to get better at embroidery. So, I bought this, started it...then got distracted and stopped. Another project that I have to seriously consider if it's worth taking the time to do anything else with.

Yet another undergrad project. I actually always forget that I did even this much on this cross stitch. My then-boyfriend thought the cross stitching was kinda cool, so he picked out this one and asked me to make it for him. I just never finished, probably because it wasn't a kit, which meant it wasn't as easily portable. Also, not long after I started this (which was probably around 2002) I decided to make a MASSIVE project for my mother, a cross stitch that took me, on and off, about two years to finish (but I DID eventually, I call it my master work...). That kinda ate all my x-stitch energy. ;)

This is the most recent of these WIP, I worked on this a bunch in 2008 (again, I did more on it than I remembered). This was kinda interesting, I decided that I would keep track of how long I worked on it each day, cause I realized I haven't the foggiest idea how long it actually takes me to make a cross stitch, just that it feels like a long time. So I took pictures of each day's progress, and wrote down how long it took. When I get back to this one - which, I'd say, is mostly like to be next on my list if I keep feeling like cross stitching once I finish the Dragonfly and Lotus and the Fairy I've got sitting around just waiting for back stitching - I'll continue to do that, and write about it here.

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