Friday, March 2, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday, 3/2/2011

No finished objects this week.

But...last night, I had a strange dream. I was on a road trip (not unlike one I'm planning for next month, leaving in just over a week, in fact...) and I discovered a warehouse dedicated to spinning and spinners! I was VERY excited, cause I've been in the mood to spin, and I thought, "hey, if I can go in there, surely I can buy some fiber, cause I won't have to spend on shipping..." so I went in. It was HUGE and crowded and it had displays of spinning wheels and looms and carders and all manner of other things. But all I wanted was a fun-colored braid of roving...and I couldn't find any! It was very frustrating! Finally down in the clearance section I found something I thought might I resolved to buy it, even though I thought there must be something wrong with it, because it was in clearance, and just...something seemed wrong about it. I even thought, "this will tie in well to Supernatural for Nerd Wars, too!"

If I'm at the point that I'm dreaming of buying fiber? It's clearly time to buy fiber. So I went to the Yarn Co. and bought some today! I'll be spinning it...oh, starting tonight.

First, I bought this fun green. 4 oz. total. I like that it's in two ounce balls, will make it easy to divide when I got two ply it. :)

I bought this lovely wool/silk mix so that I could play with dying it. I even stopped at the grocery store, but they didn't have any of the packets of kool-aid, so I'll have to try again.

Because of one of the NW challenges, I really wanted a cloud of fiber, and I was really glad to find they had some lovely stuff, all made by Loop Art Fibers. The price wasn't bad for her stuff, either (she runs pricey, but I knew that already, having been to her studio last year, and seen her at MSW also...). All in all, I'm thrilled with what I ended up with, though, it's perfect for my needs, and I LOVE how much it looks like a cloud.

Yeah...I'm gonna start spinning this tonight. ;)

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