Friday, March 16, 2012

Finished Object Friday, 3/16/2012

Well, I'd hoped to have two finished objects for today - I'm sooo close to finishing the back stitching on that fall fairy I've been working on. I made a lot of progress on it Monday but haven't had the chance to work on it since then. Next week, that's the goal. :) Until then, though, I did finish some spinning right before I had to leave my wheel behind when I headed out on a road trip!

Five hundred yards of lovely blue sparkly DK. This is that cloud of fiber I bought a couple weeks ago. It took FOREVER to spin, and I have no idea, but I adore the finished project. I just wish all the sparkle showed in photographs.

Pretty much every where that looks white is actually silver.

I'm in the market for ideas of what to make with this! Cause I love it and want to make things. Note that it's not actually that soft. So...thoughts? :) Check out every one's fabulous work this Friday over on Finished Object Friday and Fiber Arts Friday.

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