Friday, March 9, 2012

Finished Object Friday, 3/9/2012

This is a reconstruction of this original post, necessitated by some aggravation.

In 2009, my apartment got bed bugs. I had just been getting in to cross stitch again as a major relaxation tool, and when the bed bugs hit, the only time in my ENTIRE experience I actually SAW a bug was on my current WIP at the time. Needless to say, that sucked and was VERY upsetting. So I put that project in quarantine. However, I still wanted to cross stitch, and so while I was road tripping while they exterminated my apartment, I bought a new project - this project - and started it. I was still working on it when I got home, and discovered...more bed bugs. So it too went in to quarantine. In 2010, I pulled it out and worked on it a little, but I didn't ultimately end up finishing it until, well, until now! Still, I have some progress pics from along the way that I thought are worth sharing.

But first, the fun stuff! My finished Dragonfly and Water Lily cross stitch! After three years!!

When I started working on it again in 2010, here's about where it was:

I worked on it a bit while on a vacation, but then it ended up put aside again until January. When I started working on it then, I got it to this point pretty quickly:

From there, I worked fast. By mid-February, I was well along the way!

Finally, about a week ago, here was it's status:

Cross stitch does take forever, but the results are worth least I think so. And as to all my mistakes...we won't talk about those. ;)

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