Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday, 5/16/2012

The only stuff I've been up to since last week, I finished, so that'll have to wait until Friday. Instead, I thought I'd share my Works-in-Progress to be - the fiber I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool! I went a little hog-wild.

My biggest purchase was my fleece!

It's 11.5 pounds of Border Leicester. Her name is Irmalinda!

Wasn't it nice of the breeder to include this little card for me? She's a gorgeous sheep...

Beyond that...I had a simple mission this year, I was determined to only buy things if I knew what I wanted to make with them already.

I want to make a skirt out of this:

This is what I showed off last week that I had started spinning.

I got an ounce of angora just so I could play with it...

...and a bunch of angelina to use with Irmalinda.

I want to try to spin some silk, it's kind of intimidating.

I got this pretty Merino to make a pair of spats for my boots with.

This I'm less sure what it's destined for, but it was cheap, so I'll think of something. I was thinking maybe cuffs.

This was expensive and I really like it; I'd like to make it a sweater.

And this one will be a shawl.

Yeah, I bought a lot. ;)

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