Friday, May 4, 2012

Finished Object Friday, 5/4/2012

Well, I'm kinda disappointed that this week was so busy that I failed to post a WIP Wednesday, even though I did get some nice progress done on a cross stitch I've been working on for the past couple years. But, I have a few finished projects, so I'm determined to get them up! :)

Last year, I made a cover for one of the two cushions on my couch. Having the other still be, er, naked, has been really bugging me, and so I decided, as I start my effort at stashbusting big time, to use some fun fur I had to cover the pillow. Only downside? It used much less fun fur than I thought, so I still have a bunch left. Sigh.

Crescent Squares!
I made a second crescent moon square. ADORE. I'm so glad I got to test them, they're a great little pattern...

So, over time, I've accumulated a LOT of random singles... I decided to spin them all together. The biggest project was the black and white - I spun all the fiber I had left, and did my very first three ply!

Then I took the rest of those singles, and did a bunch more spinning...still three ply...

Productive week! :) For a change...

But the best part? This weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool, squeeee!

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