Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Crafting Blog? Really?

I'm a terrible blogger. Every once in a while I make the attempt, find I get distracted and that it takes a long time, and I stop. However, I'm going to go ahead and post occasionally, just to decompress craft-wise.

Recently, I've definitely been on a big crafting kick. It definitely comes and goes. I did a lot in March and April, then much less in May, but in June I got in the mood to craft stitch, and then I spent all summer working on a craft stitch project! When I finished that, I turned around and immediately started working on a couple amigurumi, and now I'm making what was supposed to be an afghan but is likely to turn out to be a shawl, and learning out to do thread crochet (ie, make doilies). In between, I knit one scarf and crocheted another.

This is kinda how it has always gone. And I'm used to it, so I guess it's all good. However, as the amigurumi really are my main emphasis, I'll try to mostly talk about that.

I've been assuming all be making a lot of dolls around the Christmas season. I'm going on vacation for a few weeks starting next Wednesday, but when I get back it'll be nose to the grindstone. I've already got two items I'll be making as gifts (my step-mother has requested a blue and white butterfly, which I'm feeling in the mood to start and may actually work on this evening), and my dad made some jokes about otters that have me thinking I'll make an otter. Beyond that, as soon as I get back I'll start advertising on my facebook about making dolls, and I know at least one of my friends intends to give me a commission. I wonder if I'll get much more than that? If not, I'll be able to work on my own ideas - of which there are too many to list here.

The disappointing thing about entering the "trying to sell" world has been the response (or lack there of) to my photography. I love taking pictures, and certainly all my friends seem to think I take pretty good pics, but I guess they are just not good enough to stand out in the world of the digital camera, amateur photographer, and photoshop - the more so cause I don't like to modify my original pics. Still, I figure if I just keep at it, I'll make some money doing SOMETHING.

One area I'd really like to break into is craft fairs, but I'm intimidated because I'm in NYC. I figure that there is so much talent in New York City that it'd be REALLY hard to stand out. Despite that, I'm hoping that when I have more like a dozen patterns, and some more actual dolls to sell (as I have the original models for about half of my patterns, the ones that weren't commissions), it might be worth giving it a go...

Anyway, enough of this random train of thought! Until next time...

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