Monday, September 13, 2010

The Finished Baseball Hat

Last night, I finished the stitching on the baseball hat! After repeating to myself about two dozen times that it doesn't have to be perfect, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. :) I'm glad that the hat itself turned out cute, though, cause otherwise I don't think this would have been sellable to anyone who wasn' :)

Last night, when I modeled it in the mirror, I wore it with the stitches in front:

However, when I showed it to my friend Jen, she seemed to think I should wear it the other way around:

It doesn't matter much, except I want to put the Mets logo on the front, and I can't do that until I decide which way is the front...

Anyway, here's the hat:

I'm pretty pleased. Really. Meanwhile, I took a few new pics of the dolls that I haven't sold yet, but the light wasn't quite right so I'm still not happy with them; I'll have to redo them again, or come up with some better way to take pics. I know what I have to do (some muslin, some lamps...) but I just haven't gotten around to it. Sounds like a task for when I get back...

Also, I'm glad that I got the hat done. Tomorrow is my last night in NYC before October, and I have tickets to tomorrow's game, which means it'll be the last game I get to see before the end of the baseball season (or at least, the end of the part of the baseball season that involves my Metsies). Even though I go through this every year, I know I won't realize how much I love watching baseball until the season is over, and I won't get to watch it again until spring training starts in March. It's surreal to think that this season is almost over already, and all the hopes and fears and questions that started it are no longer relevant, and it's time to start building up next year's stock...are any of you sports fans? What sports do you watch? Baseball is my favorite, though I'm going to try to get in to football this year, just to fill the void left by the off-season...I also like soccer, almost anything in the Olympics, and...well, the last year or so, I'll watch almost any sport I can find, though there are still plenty I've never seen (like Rugby and Lacrosse!) :) Do you express your fandom through crafts? I'd love to see what others have made! :)


  1. Very cute! I think I like the stitching in back better, personally.

  2. I love how fun your hat is - would love to model it on a busy high street here in the UK...can just imagine the looks I'd get!! :) And I like the look of your blog, too. You've done a good job!

  3. Thanks, guys! Depending on the temp tonight, I'll be wearing it to tonights game, and I'll probably wear it with the stitching on the sides (the way Jen liked) - but I haven't decided yet.

    @ExcellCrafts - thanks for the feedback on the appearance of the blog - this is the first blog (other than LiveJournal) that I've maintained with any regularity, so I'm glad to hear that others find the appearance appealing. :) Also - the pattern for the hat will be up for sale at some point in the future - I have no idea how UK folks would respond to the baseball version, but I bet it'd be funny. In my experience, most Europeans (except maybe the Dutch) don't have much interest in baseball. It could be made to look like a football, though, just add black! :)

  4. Very cute hat!
    I, personally, would put a Cubs logo on it... but I won't hold a love of the Mets against you :)

  5. What a clever idea! I like it with the stitches in front.

    Found you on Ravelry and enjoyed visiting your blog!

  6. Thank you! Welcome to my blog.

    @Stacey: I would never object to a Cubs logo. I have a love of underdogs of all stripes, though of course the Mets are my first love. ;)