Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - 3/1/2011

Ugh, it's too early. But I planned ahead - a day out all day, starting at 5:30 am, means a WIP Wednesday post written Tuesday night (but revised Wednesday morning! ;)

I spent most of the past week working on an unexpected project that I had to finish by Monday. It took me five days of four or more hours basically each night, and a sore wrist and elbow, but I finished, and now have a lap blanket that I'll share on FO Friday. :) However, this meant not much in the way of other WIP. That said, I'm almost finished with one of last week's, and I started another that I mentioned two weeks ago, and expect to have both done in the next couple of days. I also put the Man-of-War in for pattern testing, finished the Cowl testing, and published my John Bear amigurumi pattern.

Sooper Sekrit Project
Closer to being done now - had hoped to finish on Tuesday night but I just got too tired.

Kinda looks like a fish, don't it? But it's not...hopefully, have it finished on Thursday.

Shortstop for the Oceans
On Monday, I started work on the short stop for the Oceans. I think, given how it looks so far, it's certainly futile to try to keep it a surprise...but now that I've looked at the photos, maybe it's not quite so obvious after all, so I'll leave it as a surprise of sorts for now...

Should have this one done by Friday too, cause it's a perfect commute piece (one ball, one color, one hook, some fiberfill, and no sewing needed), and I have about 4 - 5 hours of commute today.

...and that's all for this week. But then there is the planning. Oh, the planning. :) This includes my intention of yarnbombing...something...using scrap from the past couple months, a plan to make a birthday gift for my grandfather's 93rd birthday (coming up in early April) and maybe something for my dad's 70th (in mid April), a new set of clothing for the male body that I've designed as a doll base (but the clothes I'm thinking of could require that I learn to felt), continued planning for the Ocean's third baseman, still waiting for the materials for the shawl I started last week, considering interesting ways to crochet a pair of wrist cuffs in green...or possible a flower pot cozy, and contemplating what a cute alien equivalent of a cat would look like (keeping in mind the specific adaptations that would have been necessary on the planet where it came from). It seems weird that in a week where I spent this many hours crocheting would have this little to show... :)

Want to see what other awesome stuff people are in the process of making this week? Check out Tami's Ami Blog and visit all of the other blogs participating in this week's WIP Wednesday!


  1. I haven't picked up a crochet hook (except to repair a dropped knit stitch) in years, but I am looking at your polar bear and your swan, and I'm thinking, "Those look like fun!!" Hmmmm....

  2. oh i can't crochet - i'm a little jealous of your talent!!! have a great day xxx

  3. @Liz - I think they're pretty fun. :) The nice thing about ami is that they are pretty easy to make, too - if you want to get practice, there are loads of great free patterns out there, too!

    @Vicki - lol, if you could crochet you'd know it's easier than it looks. :) But thanks!! ;)

  4. Fun stuff. I'm quite curious to see how these little guys turn out. I checked your etsy shop- looks like your patterns are doing well.

  5. My arthritis hurts reading about your push to get your last project done on time. Doesn't that take the enjoyment out, being so pressed? I try really hard not to get myself in that spot anymore, when I was young; it was a piece of cake...but with age, things just hurt too much. lol Congrats on getting it done.
    Popped in from WIPW

  6. Oh, no... sounds like an icky commute day!
    I'm stumped about the shortshop... so at least it's a surprise to me!
    Can't wait to see it on Friday!

  7. I'm writing on my phone so I apologize in advance for typos. :)

    @galiyah - I hope to have them ready to share by Friday. As to the Etsy shop, I'm getting way more views of late but still a relatively small number of sales, but I'm just pressing on. :) I'll probably do a business status update around the end of the month (end of the first quarter of 2011).

    @Sandy - I live in fear of developing arthritis. :( I'm so sorry you have to deal with that! I also try to avoid getting in to projects with such nasty deadlines, I probably wouldn't have made this on if I'd realized how many hours of labor it was going to be. But you live and you learn, I guess. :)

    @Stacey - if you can't guess than it really must be less obvious than I thought! I actually like long commute days, I find riding on the subway to be kind of relaxing, and I get tons done on the train - if I showed a pic of how the mystery object looked now everyone would get it (though it's not quite done yet). :)

  8. I'm still stumped on what the secret project is, and I have some guesses on the shortstop, but nothing I feel sure enough about to list on here. I can't wait to see what you have to share for Friday!

  9. Wow, 5:30am, what's that? Too early for this girl. LOL You've been busy, but can't wait to see your lap blanket on Friday! I can't figure out what the secret proeject is either!

  10. Can't wait to see that blanket! First picture looks like a duck! If I'm right do I win a prize :)

  11. The lemon yarn just made me think of spring and how it is just around the corner.

  12. You have tons of good stuff going on! I wish I had been crafting back when I did all the bus and train riding - it would have improved commuting dramatically.

  13. I am intrigued to find out what those objects are. Can't wait to see your lap blanket, too.

  14. @wrchili - as you said, you'll get to see if you were right tomorrow! :) I will, in fact, have both done (unless something goes unexpectedly catastrophically wrong - in the busy sense, not the horrid sense - today, which happens fairly often, now that I think about it... :)

    @Tami - thankfully, I'm a morning person - so while I don't love a schedule that early, I can do it. Up at 4:30, gym at 5:30, out the door to head to work at 6:30. :)

    @suddenexpression - awesome idea! Thus, starting, er, NOW (but especially next week), if someone guesses correctly what one of my bizarre WIP is, I'll give them a copy of the pattern for free when it's published. Unfortunately, it's not a duck... :)

    @Kerry - I totally agree. I'll actually be doing a post about that today!

    @Marushka - it really does. It saved me from horrid temper yesterday when a fire right below my el line meant that a one hour trip turned in to a 2 and a half trip. The crocheting helped me cope (at least until I ran out of fiberfill... :) )

    @autumngeisha - thanks!

  15. You've been busy! I'm thinking the yellow guy might be a clam or an oyster? But then, the lack of limbs would make him a poor candidate for shortstop. Hmmm... Looking forward to your blanket on Friday!