Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - 3/9/2011

Wow, it's Wednesday again? That's kinda scary, actually...anyway, I've not felt like crocheting much at all the last week, but that hasn't prevented me from getting SOMETHING done. I have one FO already for Friday (and hopefully will have a second tomorrow), and I got some other odds and ends done. I also started two projects that re in progress right now, both for Nerd Wars on Ravelry.

Flower Pot Cozy
I've got this problem. After months of knowing I needed to transplant my snake plant, I finally found a huge, cheap ($6!!) pot at Target.

The problem, as you can (hopefully) see in this picture (my apartment has terrible lighting, sorry) is that said pot is really rather ugly, in addition to being quite large. The plus side is that the pan is built in to the bottom of the pot, so I don't have to worry to much about splashing water all over something I make. Obviously, the only solution is to make a flower pot cozy for it.

One of this month's challenges on Nerd Wars is to make something inspired by "capillary action," as in the tendency of water in certain circumstances to flow upwards. Plants and roots both exhibit this, so I figure a flower pot cozy fits in perfectly, and so I'm doing a cozy inspired by the way hyperspace looks in Babylon 5:

Fortunately, I just so happened to have all three of these colors in my stash (any week now I hope to be able to triumphantly show just how I've decimated my stash in the past few months, by the way). :)

The sad truth is that I'm not that happy with how it's turning out. I did the entire base once and frogged it, and was determined not to frog it again, but it doesn't sit quite right, and I'm highly displeased, even though I know the FO will be fine - but the displeasure is making it hard to motivate myself to work on it. It's also quite large, so it's slow work; I'd estimate I've got about 10 hours more labor on the damn thing before it's as high as the flower pot.

Yarn-bombing? Yarn-bombing!
One of the other challenges in Nerd Wars this month is "Don't Hide Your Light Under a Bushel," the idea of which is to exhibit your craft in some way in public. While this challenge can be met simply by crocheting/knitting/spinning/weaving in a public location, I refuse to meet it that way because I crochet in public all the time and don't consider that any kind of merit or worthy of any points in a competition. There is a secondary part of this challenge, though - to yarn bomb something. Now, I've been wanting to yarn bomb something for quite a while, so I'm excited at this relatively sanctioned version. :)

For those who don't know, yarn bombing is essentially the use of a knit/crocheted/etc. object in an act of graffiti, and it is technically illegal though I know of no prosecutions. There are many examples of this (check out wikipedia for a quick low down) - here's one that I encountered:

It was on a street light just outside the Lion Brand Store in Manhattan. Because every lamp post needs a cozy, obviously.

Anyway! I pondered what exactly I wanted to yarn bomb, and what exactly I wanted to make, and have finally decided on both. I have two large things of dark green red heart that I want to use up, and for the rest I gathered all of my scraps that had anything interesting about them at all...

And I got to work...

The idea is simple - a vine with a wide range of different flowers sprouting off it. I'll design all the flowers myself, and the different patterns will be my free patterns for the month of March, thus solving a second problem. :) I expect to complete two whole vines like the one pictured, probably with 10 - 15 flowers each. As to what I'll be yarn bombing, I'm gonna head down to around the Lion Brand Store (near Union Square) and twine these fellas around an Alternate Side of the Street parking sign. Because I fricken hate alternate side of the street parking. Take that, law and order! ;)

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