Friday, October 22, 2010

Blub Blub the Amigurumi Fish, Mark 2!

As I mentioned in the first post introducing Blub Blub, I wanted to complete a second version with an alternative pattern. I've now done so! Here he is, stripped!

From a crafting stand point, I probably shouldn't admit that this is the first time I've ever made one of my patterns twice, and I'm glad I did. I did end up making modifications to the original, mostly to make it look the way that I wanted it to look in the first place. They were all minor changes, but I think they helped a lot, and clearly I've got to acknowledge that I'll have to remake all the rest at least once, also, and possibly update them. Another advantage of remaking it was that I got to see how long it took me to make when I wasn't worrying about patterning it, which is essential if I'm going to try to "mass produce" for sales purposes. In this case, it took about 4 and a half hours - a fish in solid colors would have gone faster, though. Based on this, I have a question/poll for folks reading this:

How much do you think would be a reasonable amount for me to charge for Blub Blub the Amigurumi Fish (striped) - based on what you think it's worth, NOT considering the investment of my time/materials?
1: $20 or less
2: $21 - $30
3: $31 - $40
4: $40 or more

Next steps? Well, now I write up the entire pattern, edit it with my moms help, go over to Ravelry to find someone to test it (also will be a first for me!) and then...up on Etsy! I'm going to charge $2.50 for this pattern! :)


  1. He's really cute! If I were knitting him to sell I'd probably charge between $15-$25. The main reason I stopped selling knitted toys for the most part is that it's really hard to get people to pay what the toys are worth when they can go to walmart and buy something for $5. People don't realize the time and work that goes into something like this.

  2. Thanks, Whit. That matches with my thinking as well, I wish I could charge $40, but I think pricing it above $30 would be absurd - I think I can probably sell the multi-colored one for $25, and the monochrome for $20....(before shipping, that is...)

  3. Christine - I'm almost there! I've been very busy with my day job, but I've now got the whole pattern written up. I now have to edit it (with help from my awesome editor, also known as my mom), check all the math to make sure I didn't make any mistakes in transcribing or designing, and then I'll be ready to test it! I'm hoping to do both of those things today, in fact! Then, when it's ready to go, I'll post to this blog that I've got a new pattern good to go. :)