Monday, October 18, 2010

Idea for a New Name: Looking for Feedback!

Well, I had a very busy weekend. I drove out to Con on the Cob, a gaming convention held in Hudson, OH, just outside Akron (a 7 - 8 hours drive for me). I had a great time, and won't dwell on the details in this post, only to say that while there I met Kelly and Joe, two very nice, super helpful crafters who make one of a kind dolls and related artwork and sell as Jellykoe. We ended up talking a bunch and I got to ask someone "in the know" a lot of the questions I've had. Also, the dolls - WonkyDolls - are awesome, so check them out. But more on that some other time.

I've been pondering a name change. The rules were that I wanted the new name to be three words and to have them all start with "C." I didn't want one of them to be my name if I could avoid it. The challenge is that I don't only sell one thing - I want to have the freedom to sell my amigurumi, photography, cross stitch, or anything else I end up feeling like making, without having to change the name again. After letting this percolate for about a month, I've finally got three I like. What do ya'll think of:

"Curiously Crafted Creations"

I rather like it, but if I get a lot of negative feedback, it's back to the drawing board - if you LIKE it, please let me know; if you DON'T like it, it'd be helpful if you could give me some idea what about it you don't like, so I can focus on that area. Thanks, everyone!

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