Monday, October 25, 2010

Developing the Body for a Male Amigurumi Doll (Tom Seaver, Part 1)

Earlier this month I advertised that I was taking commissions on Facebook, and I got two requests. One was for Alot, which I made over the weekend and blogged about yesterday, and the other was from my dad, who requested a doll of his favorite baseball player, the Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver. After brief discussion, he and I decided that I would make it for him as a Christmas gift instead of as a commission. Despite the amount of time I've got to do this one, I really felt like making it anyway, for a simple reason: the core of this doll would be a simple male body, which would have lots of uses, some related to upcoming holidays (for example, I could make a santa claus! or a Frankenstein! or a pilgrim) so I planned out a body, and here it is!

I'm very happy with it, it looks pretty much exactly how I imagined it in my head. My only concern is that the head might be a little too small. My mom thinks it is. What do ya'll think, are my proportions off? If so, how?

By tomorrow, I hope to have his hat and shirt done I've started both already, but I had to pause on the hat because it will be crocheted directly onto the head, whereas the shirt will be removable. And then he'll be finished! (no pants!) ;)


  1. Nah. It might look that way now but I assume you'll be adding a hat/hair/whatever, which will make it look larger.

  2. I was more to your way of thinking - and the hat does make it look bigger - but then I made the (kinda oversized) shirt, and the head looks way too small. Plus, the addition of the hat made it way to heavy for the neck, so now it flops over. Next time....