Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Cards

Today I'm finally back on track after a busy week and some necessary couch time to recover, and one of the first things on my plate was to outreach to my friend April. See, April has been my best customer for my photography cards - one of my main products, but which I've hardly talked about at all. But now the time has come!

So, I make cards. They look like this:

(though not actually blurry, of course ;) )
The insides are completely blank, with the only writing on them being a little writing on the back describing where and when the picture was taken and my copyright. All of the photographs are by me. Each card is hand cut, the paper is recycled, and the photographs are inserted in the card in such a way as to be easily removable for framing or whatnot. I sell them for a mere $1.75 each. Here's a link to one of my personal favorites (different than the image): Light Bulb in the Trees.

Unfortunately, they haven't been selling, hardly at all. But I'm not ready to give up yet!

April had a nifty idea that I had in fact considered, but hadn't been able to muster the time to address. I mean, if I'm going to be selling cards, I should do a big push on Christmas cards, but I wasn't planning to...but her interest has given me heart! She's doing a custom order of Christmas cards, and when I was looking through for ideas for images to make cards out of, I realized I really do have some good images for Christmas Cards. Here are some samples, but there are lots more:
Set: Snow in Central Park
These are images I took last February when we had a huge snow storm.

Set: Snow in New York City
Images I took in Riverside Park in February, 2008.

Some other odds and ends:

This is my personal favorite. ;) I love dinosaurs...

...and I have loads and loads more. So! Here's the advertisement part. :)

Do you write Christmas cards? If you are in the market for a truly special set of cards, I can work with you to pick out the images you like best from over hundreds of images I've taken of fall and winter, and custom print and cut you a set of cards just for you! I'm selling 10 cards for $15, 15 cards for $20. If you'd like more than that, I can do that to - we can discuss price based on the number. Each card can have it's own image, or all of the cards can have the same image, or anything in between! So get in touch with me on my blog, my Hive account, my Etsy, my Facebook account, or just by e-mail at unforth AT, and lets make some cards!

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