Sunday, November 14, 2010

Santana Squid - A New Amigurumi!

Not long ago, I was in a position where I was about to travel. I thought I might have some time to crochet while on the trip, so I grabbed the first ball of yarn that came to hand, and while driving to my destination, I thought, what could I make out of gray yarn?

I had two ideas, both of which came to me complete with a story (and stories are my new goal for all the dolls, though it'll be a slow process. :) ) - Ollie Octopus and Santana Squid. I ended up not having any time while on said trip to make either of these dolls, but now I've made Santana Squid.

Santana is one of the smallest amigurumi I've designed, and came together pretty quickly.

As has been the case with many of my ami, I'm worried it's a little too realistic, and not quite cute enough, but even so, I'm not unhappy with how it turned out. Ultimately, I'd like him to be Santana Squid, a squid that can pitch, and contrast him to Ollie the Octopus who can't pitch - this is a baseball joke from my favorite baseball team - but I've yet to decide on just what I could add to the squid to make to get a baseball theme across. Maybe a uniform? Maybe a number on his "back" and a baseball sewn on to one tentacle? I'll almost certainly mess around with this a little when I make my second version of Satnana.

The most complicated part of this doll were the tentacles. I tried to make them "normally" but they didn't look quite right, and they didn't have the squiggly looseness that I really wanted - I didn't want them to be stiff. Then I remembered a post I saw over at PlanetJune, where she did a tutorial on a method for crocheting an i-cord. I asked her permission to use this technique, was told absolutely, and went ahead and used a four crochet version to make it. They turned out just how I wanted, so I'm very pleased (though on this model, a couple of the i-cords have uneven stitches from when I was having a little trouble early on. ;) )

So yeah. New ami! Also, Blub Blub is mostly ready to go. Yay!