Saturday, November 20, 2010

Santa Claus Amigurumi Doll (aka: Santagurumi)

I appear to have come down with a cold, am looking forward to making pumpkin pie this week, and am not sure why I volunteered to work all day tomorrow. Today, I provided support for the folks testing Blub Blub (which has been largely bug free so far...), and wrote up the Santana Squid pattern, which just needs to be read through, math checked, and edited before it'll be ready for testing. I did some other stuff, too. However, this post is to introduce yet another new doll: a Santa Claus, which I can't resist calling the Santagurumi. (also - apology in advance, today's pictures are particularly poor...I couldn't quite muster the energy to do better)

Here's Santa! A look at him will show immediately what I consider to be his biggest problem: the eyes are clearly not right. He doesn't look happy and smiling - he looks mean and scowly. A second version of the doll will have to come up with a solution to this problem (I might just pick the eyes out and try again) - but for now, I just really wanted to be done, so I decided to go with it for now.

A couple small, dark shots of the head:

Santagurumi's shirt and pants are removable (but his hat and hair and such aren't). Here he is in only his pants, before I finished the head:

One of the main purposes of this remake wasn't to make Santa, if ya'll will recall - when I finished Tom Seaver, described in the link, I mentioned what I considered to be the biggest problems with the doll (body to big, arms to long, head too small), and my main goal was to fix that. I only made a Santa because I realized that, coincidentally, I had all of the materials necessary to make one already in my stash.

Thus, more than anything, what I wanted was to make an underbody that I was satisfied with - because once I've got a base for a male doll, I can dress it up however I'd like. Here's the base now:

When he's nekkid, his arms look too small, and his head too big, but when he's all dressed up, I think his proportions look excellent.

All in all, I'm VERY happy with how this turned out. My efforts to better size the clothes turned out very well, his hair (while a pain) looks (in my opinion) awesome, and other than his kinda creepy eyes, I'm well satisfied with my Santa.


  1. cute! His eyes are a little creepy but not too bad.

  2. A couple ppl told me they actually kinda liked it this way, so I'm planning to leave it. When I remake him, though, I'll do it differently.