Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

I love Halloween. I look forward to it every year, and as with many recent years, this year I made a costume. This year, the plan was that I would go to the Halloween party held in Columbus, OH on Saturday night. As such, I wanted to wear something that
a. fit my taste
b. would be warm enough to wear on an October evening
c. would show off all the work I've done at the gym the past year.

I started out with a pattern made by Simplicity:

Specifically, I wanted to make the image on the right. However, I was really stuck on item c: how could I make a costume that fit my taste for the old fashioned while still being kinda sexy? Finally, the solution struck me while I was on the way home from Con on the Cob a couple weeks ago: I wouldn't make the sleeves, I would make the over dress, and then bustle it to be short, with no under dress underneath it. I would use a peasant shirt I had made for a prior costume, and a corset I bought from Timeless Trends a few years ago. Oh, and boots. Cause I love boots.

This plan ended up working pretty much exactly as I envisioned it. I sewed the overdress in personal record time (5 hours or so), and I wore it on Saturday evening. It didn't quite keep me warm, but I managed...

I even got some of the positive attention I had been hoping for...only to discover that such attention actually makes me very uncomfortable. I probably should have expected that. Anyway, that was my Halloween! Here are some pics of some of the highlights of the costumes I saw:

"Short North" is the name of the neighborhood where this Halloween party was.

...which is why when I wrote on this Facebook wall, I said, "David has friended the Short North." I got props for that one, I was happy. :)

I'm going to link to this one instead of post it, because it is political in content, and I'm NOT trying to start a political debate, but I did find this person dressed as Glenn Beck at a Tea Party was pretty funny.

She said she was dressed as her mother.

In terms of creativity, one of the best I saw.

Rub a dub dub! The best part were their labels, which said "I <3 Meat," "I <3 Wheat," and "I <3 Wax." In addition to the random folks in costume, one of the events at the Halloween party was a runway show of designer Halloween fashions. 10 local designers entered, and a winner was chosen by the judges. Given the crowd, the dark, and smoke machine, etc., this proved VERY hard to photograph, but here are a few shots that were successful:

My best shot was coincidentally of the design that ended up winning.

So sorry for the image-heavy post, but, well, I love Halloween, and there were a lot of good costumes. Hope everyone had a great day! :)


  1. Great costume! It turned out really well. Incidentally, that's the pattern I used for my wedding dress.

  2. It's a pretty nice pattern! I don't think I've seen your dress - are there pics?