Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Book Poll!

Oy, it's been a while! Hi everyone! More to come later today or tomorrow as I get my feet back under me from the holiday, but as it's almost New Years, it's time for one of my favorite New Years traditions!

All year, I keep track of the books I've read, and look forward to the end of the year, when I can participate in the LibraryThing exchange of book lists! The survey of books I've read is up on SurveyMonkey. The idea is simple: At this link, you'll find a survey which lists all of the books I've read in the past year. If you've read any of the same books (any time in the past, not just in the past year), check them off, then hit submit when you're done! In about a week, when everyone is done taking it, I'll post the results!

You can take my survey here.

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(and here's my 2009 results... :) )

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