Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saks 5th Avenue Christmas Displays, 2010

The crowds are always especially thick outside of Saks, because it's directly across the street from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Overall, I was very pleased with their windows this year. Last year, the windows there told a story about a snowflake traveling the world, and while it was sweet, it wasn't like, "omg awesome." This year, they did a vaguely unintelligible story that appears to have been about a strange girl with pink hair exploring the world and encountering awesome fashion. Since when Saks does awesome fashion, it's awesome, I thought these were one of the better sets of Windows I saw this year (second to Bergdorf, my last stop of the day and the topic for tomorrow's post, hopefully.)

To recap:
Monday was an Overview
Tuesday was about Macy's Windows
Wednesday was about Lord and Taylor

There was a lot of lovely fashion in the windows at Saks this year.

But the story of the windows focused on a strange girl with pink hair.

A lot of the displays also included bubbles (like in her net).

First, she goes exploring in a house. Then, she wanders in to the forest, where of course she encounters...high fashion! What else?

Oh, and clockwork insects. Which were very hard to photograph in the low light.

This is one of the only shots I've ever taken with a really bad reflection that somehow completely worked anyway.

Once she's done in the forest, our heroine finds a hot air balloon makes of bubbles.

Once she's up in the air, she manages to find...

Yes, it's a zeppelin hot air balloon clockwork elephant! Why didn't I think of that? Really, this display in particular was why I thought the Saks windows were awesome. Because my life needs more zeppelin clockwork elephants.

She then descends under the sea.

This was actually one of the hardest to photograph windows of the day, which was a pity cause I really liked it, the manikin was in a lovely dress.

She then gets netted by an octopus, which is all well and nice, and passes this amazing bit of fabric.

Possibly my best shot of the entire day.

Somehow, this all results in her getting transported to an undersea themed amusement park.

...where we get reminded that in the end, she is not a sophisticate, but really just a cute pink-haired girl.


...and then she's on the moon.

So yeah. The Saks windows? A little zany! Very hard to photograph, too - there were a LOT of people there, and I was really trying not to hold up those behind me, which meant I frequently had to wait for people to go by. All in all, though, they turned out well all things considered.

Tomorrow (if I have time, which is questionable): The cream of the crop - Bergdorf and Goodman. :)


  1. Quote: Because my life needs more zeppelin clockwork elephants

    I dare say that most everyone could use a bit more ZCE in their life :-) I'll take two please (and thank you very much)lol

    Really enjoying the pics - can't wait for the next installment!

    PS I zipped off an email to you - I think it was yesterday? (from my yahoo email - the name has glass in it) Did it arrive to you?

    I'll check back to see if it's yay or nay when I stop in to see the next series of window pictures!

  2. Indeed! :) I think most people's lives could use a ZCE or two. :)

    I did get the e-mail, I've just had a very busy few days (and am looking at a few more) - so don't be shocked to not hear from me until early next week. (as a general warning, I'm a slow correspondent...)

  3. No worries about email timeline - I'm a bit variable in reply turnaround myself :-) just wanted to be sure it arrived to "in" and not "spam" & discarded.

    Talk to you whenever!