Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lord and Taylor Christmas Displays, 2010

Just to recap:
In Monday's post, I outlined my day getting pics of the 2010 Christmas displays. In Tuesday's post, I ran through the best of my pics of the Macy's display.

The next stop on my trip north was a Lord and Taylor. They had a nice theme behind their windows - they collected stories from fans of their department store, and chose twelve of these stories to make in to the window displays. Unfortunately, I didn't get to read most of them, because my fellow window watchers at L&T were surprisingly rude and pushy, and it was very hard to get good pics and read the text. However, the ones I read were pretty good - touching, ya know. :) Also - they are running a holiday promotion where thy are donating $1 to the American Red Cross for every facebook fan they get between now and Christmas - so if you like them, this is your moment. :)

On to the pics!

My favorite of the stories I read was this one, in which the storyteller related how during their first winter in New York, they got invited to an unexpected and awesome Christmas party which meant that they weren't alone for the holiday.

One of my favorite pieces of their display was actually not really there to be a vignette.

The only way to see this lovely city scene was to crane your neck to see around a pillar! So much attention to detail!

In one window they did a display of some of the dolls from their older windows. This one was my favorite.

One of the things that always makes L&T hard to photograph is that a lot of their displays move a LOT. Like, this one was constantly turning - it never stopped.

As a result, a lot of my shots just didn't turn out, or look crappy, or don't do justice to how nice the display actually was. :)

For the entire day, this shot is the one I'm most disappointed in.

The display was constantly moving, and rude people were constantly pushing past me or stopping directly in front of me (and it wasn't just obliviousness - a bunch of them looked right at me before treating me badly. I was a little baffled - this didn't happen at any of the other department stores...) and I really wanted this shot. I would have stood there as long as it took to get it...except that I thought I had it! But when I loaded it, it was obvious I had let my shutter speed get to long - this picture needs to be darker - so I was very sad. :(

Probably my favorite vignette of the entire display...

I had trouble with the light in a bunch of these...

And lastly...

Tomorrow: Saks 5th Avenue!