Friday, December 10, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Displays, 2010

I first discovered that Bergdorf Goodman does awesome window displays when I passed by in 2008, and they had a display out which featured a crow wearing glasses and reading a book. I was in love. Ever since then, I try to catch their windows whenever I'm in the neighborhood. Thus, it was with keen anticipation that I made my way uptown to see what they had to offer for the Christmas season, 2010. And I was not disappointed. So just for reference, I took about 90 pictures JUST of the Bergdorf (and Van Cleet) windows, and I'm only putting around 10 in this post, so if you want to see the rest, you should check out the full set, up on Flickr, of all the pictures I took during the walk. :)

Final recap:
Monday was an overview of my walk
Tuesday was about Macy's
Wednesday was about Lord and Taylor
Thursday was about Saks 5th Avenue
And this is the set of all 273 pictures, uploaded and labeled on Flickr

So, on the Bergdorf. As far as I could tell, there was no overarching theme to the Bergdorf windows, though there were some recurring threads. For example, several of the displays related to travel; a couple others related to space. For each one, I took an "over all" view, and then a varying number of detail shots. So, I've done my best to narrow this down...

The first window I looked at was about a sophisticated woman of intelligence (there were books all around, and she flourished a fountain pen. However, this was the awesome part:

The next window was filled with absolutely amazing zodiac representations. This was my favorite:

The next one had lots of exotic animals, and another traveling sophisticate. And this little guy...

And a Raven warning us that maybe we were running out of time...

Then there was a woman being driven by a whole host of valet and footmen monkeys...


...and because steam punk is in fashion this year, her car was actually being airlifted by a zeppelin. It's a theme!

The jewelry was displayed in lovely little vignettes.

This was my absolute favorite display - it seemed to be the most popular of the windows in general (hence why I finally gave up and took a pic that had a few people in front of it.

This display had two manikins:

And her friend...

A disco 60s sparkly astronomer.

There were lots of awesome animal props in this one:

The next display was all about sailing ships. I thought some of my friends who make prims might like these guys:

There was a sexy manikin...

...being gazed at by a peeping tom Poseidon.

Another lovely little jewelry vignette...

One display advertised that BG has put out a book about these windows. I want it!

Then there was a classic vintage damsel up in the clouds.

Bergdorf shares a block with the jewelry store Van Cleef and Arpels. Their displays were nice too, though none had jewelry when I was there because the jewelry store was closed.

Two side windows had Christmas themed displays.

She was happy...

...and she was merry.

So...a lot of pics. More than I usually go for. But it's the best I could do cut it down.

This has been my series of posts on the NYC Christmas Displays for 2010! Until next year... :)


  1. Once again, thanks so much for all these wonderful pictures. It's so cold out I'm so glad I can just sit here and gaze at your wonderful photos.

  2. It really is shockingly cold! I'm glad you enjoyed them - and I'm really glad it WASN'T this cold the day I went out to take them. :)