Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Introducing Manny Man-of-War, a Portuguese Man-Of-War Amigurumi!

For Wednesday WIP last week, I mentioned that I hadn't worked on the Manager for the Oceans since November. Obviously, that was unacceptable in the long term! Spurred on by sharing my early efforts, I went ahead and finished making him, and then second version. Note that I still have to make the third version, the one that's decked out for the baseball team. :)

Fresh Stitches hit the nail on the head when she guessed that I was making a jellyfish! Specifically, I was making a Portuguese Man-of-War!

Meet Manny Man-of-War - first two images are of the first version; the next are three are of the second version. I made a lot of changes, actually, but most don't show. :)

Manny is the Manager of the Oceans, the all-under-water baseball team starring Santana Squid as their Ace Pitcher. Manny is one incredibly tough guy, and he doesn't accept anything less than his player's best. They want to stay on his good side, because his stings pack a serious wallop and he's not shy about letting failures feel the rough side of his tongue, and his tentacles. However, I'll save the rest of the story for when I finish (er, start...) the version "in uniform."

I'm really happy with how the finished man-of-war turned out. There was a lot of staring at pictures and thinking "how can I DO that?" involved in this design - more than in many of my past ones.

The body shape and the frill were particularly challenging. Thank god I learned the loop stitch when I made the Swedish Chef, it came in real handy!!

I love making tentacles...

Here are two of the many shots I used to help figure out how to make this amigurumi:

Next steps? Finish the third draft, and then on to pattern testing! :)


  1. That is WAY too cute. You've almost convinced me to try Amigurumi

  2. Thank you! You should totally try them sometime (even if you don't try mine)! They're lots of fun and bring a smile to the face. :)

    I'll be releasing this pattern sometime in March... :)