Friday, February 25, 2011

Meet Manny Man-O-War, Manager of the Oceans!

Excellent, exciting news: I've got my camera back from Canon, good as new! So I'll be able to take better pictures of Manny and get ready to test the pattern. But for now, here's Manny Man-O-War, the "in uniform" version of my Portuguese Man of War amigurumi!

This is the second player I've completed of The Oceans, my underwater themed Baseball team - the first is Santana Squid, the Ace Pitcher for the Team.

Manny is one incredibly tough guy, and he doesn't accept anything less than his player's best. They want to stay on his good side, because his stings pack a serious wallop and he's not shy about letting failures feel the rough side of his tongue, and his tentacles. Because of his gelatinous body and is incredibly nasty tentacles, no one could figure out how to get the green uniform on to Manny, but he didn't let that stopped him, he just intimidated a whole lot of photosynthetic algae in to sticking to his tentacles, and he excreted the black pin stripes necessary to complete the look.

Don't let his doe eyes fool you! The other players live in terror of one of his infamous set downs, and he puts Lou Pinella to shame, he fights with the umpires so often! He's been thrown out of games more often than any manager in the history of the Undersea League.

He wears the number 42, because for him - and under his rule, for his players - the Oceans are the Life, the Universe, and Everything.

In the end, though, everyone puts up with him - and many even love him - because all he really wants is for the Oceans to win. He's a tough, mean, confrontational guy, but his heart is in the right place - or at least it would be, if he had a circulatory system.

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  1. I love him! You did a great job. I can't wait to see who's next in the lineup.

  2. wow! manny is seriously cute...for a man-o-war! :)

  3. Great FO and I love the Hitchhiker's reference :D

  4. He is awesome. I love that he's gotten his uniform green by just intimidating algae to stick to his tentacles. (And what impressive tentacles they are! That last shot showing them in dangle-mode is fantastic.)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    @wrchili - I've got three projects I'm hoping to finish up quickly, and then the goal is to start the next player. :)

  6. My son's baseball season just started so Manny's backstory cracks me up!

  7. I love the story as much as the crafting! Excellent work on both. You could write a children's book about the team when you're all done.

  8. Thank you! I love writing the stories for my dolls - I'm an aspiring author, among other things - and I <3 the idea of a children's book, that'd be fun! But I don't think I could pull it off until I make the second team, too - and since I've only got two players (of 13 or so planned) done for the first time, and only have the vague idea of a concept for the second team, I've got a ways to go!