Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - 2/16/2011

Yes, it's my second time joining WIP Wednesday! First, in the photography area, I'm still in the process of posting the 8 x 10s that ya'll picked from my photography survey; I've got 6 of them up on Etsy thus far. Also, since my camera broke on Monday, I got it packed and shipped off yesterday, and hopefully it'll be back and 100% by next week! In the meantime, I'm using my old camera (which has lens focusing and jamming issues), so shots aren't up to my normal standards.

How did last weeks WIP fare?
1. I finished the Ouchless d4, and it's now up as a free pattern in the linked blog post.
2. I completed the manager of the Oceans, who was revealed to be a Portuguese Man-of-War amigurumi!

This week, I've got four more in-progress (two of which I had actually started before last weeks post, shhh. ;) )

I had this idea for a crazy little snowman (it would be a free pattern) but I can't get it to work right - I haven't had the time to figure out how to make sure it can stand. :)

Part of the fun of this snowman is that I want to be able to dress him up, so the one on the right is in fact a snowman dressed up as a ninja. Obviously. :)

One of my treasured childhood stuffed toys is a frog:

I want to do an ami loosely inspired by this doll. I've only done the head (and it's not stuffed yet):

Shortstop for the Oceans
Now that I've mostly finished the manager for the Oceans (my all-undersea-creature amigurumi baseball team) it's time to move on to the third player: the short stop! Stacey from Fresh Stitches correctly guessed in a comment from last week what the manager was, based on my WIP image. Well, here's the yarn for the Shortstop:

I plan to start him this week. Anyone have any guesses based on the color? :)

Lastly, I'm participating in a Ravelry competition group called Nerd Wars. We are all sorted in to teams based on fandoms we like (I'm on Team Rangers, for my love of Babylon 5). I've already completed two competitions for this - I designed the Andromeda Cowl for the "Nebula" inspired competition, and for the Valentine's challenge I designed and made an amigurumi that I have yet to share on the blog (but hope to in the next day or two, once I've finished a second draft of it). The next competition I'm tackling is the "Giving Geeks: Cold Hands, Warm Hearts" challenge - the purpose of this challenge is to donate a pair of gloves or mittens to charity. Since the purpose is charitable, we're actually not required to make them ourselves, but I figured it was a good opportunity to tackle a challenge. I've never made mittens before, and I'm making up a pattern as I go, but I started this morning, and I'm pretty happy with how they are going so far:

The next round will separate the thumb from the hands. :) Anyway, once they are done, I just have to figure out what charity to send them to. Anyone have any suggestions?

Want to see what other awesome stuff people are in the process of making this week? Check out Tami's Ami Blog and visit all of the other blogs participating in this week's WIP Wednesday!


  1. Wow, you sure have been busy! I can't wait to see all the finished amis. I really need to get to work on some new designs, but I've been having an identity crisis of sorts and can't figure out what kind of direction I'd like my business to take. Hopefully I can figure it out soon!

  2. Well, I was home sick all day last Wednesday and Thursday, and spent most of both days crocheting, so I got a lot done. :) Also, I've stalled on my writing, and that time has gotten filled with's so hard to find a balance!

    You should take as much time as you need, in my opinion! That way, when you start again - with whatever you start with - you'll know that it's where you want to be. :) I hope you can figure it out, too! Stuff like that is always really hard...

  3. WOW, that's a lot of new WIPs! As far as the snowman, what if you do the bottom flat but in a circular pattern and then work in back loop when u have it as wide as you want and continue your first ball from there?

  4. Your mittens are looking great. If you have a local shelter, I am sure that they would happily accept them.

  5. I am impressed by all your design skills. I am trying to get brave enough to make up some patterns of my own. Good luck with all your projects this week.

  6. @Tami - interesting thought! I was thinking that my big problem was that I made the top balls too big in comparison to the bottom balls; I was thinking of fattening up the base and maybe only making him two balls high. At this point, though, I'm not even sure when I'll end up finishing it - it was supposed to be a free pattern for January, but now it's not particularly appropriate for March (I want to do spring flowers for March) might end up in limbo for a long time. :)

    @autumngeisha - thanks! I finished the first one last night. I live in New York City, so I sort of have the opposite problem - there are so many options that I'm completely overwhelmed, and want to be sure I pick one that does good work!

    @Marushka - Go for it!!! I'm SURE you can do it! Just pick something you are familiar with and riff on it until you get something new that you like. I mean, once you're an experienced crafter, it's more a matter of confidence than anything. I mean, my mitten turned out sort of wonky (mostly that the cuff is the same width as the hand and it looks weird), but it's certainly mitten like, and I doubt anyone will really notice the difference - designing is as much about quieting the demons and just going for it as anything. ;) (at least in my opinion...)