Saturday, February 12, 2011

Re-Introducing Sammy the Squirrel!

Last summer, I completed a squirrel pattern as a commission for a friend. I've now finished a second version, and it's been thoroughly pattern tested and updated, and it's that wonderful time again: a re-release!

Meet Sammy the Squirrel!

Sammy is a real tough guy, the biggest and strongest squirrel in the park, and a lot of the other animals think he’s a bully. But that’s only ‘cause they haven’t gotten to know him! Sammy only got to be strong so that he could protect all his brothers and sisters from all of the predators, especially the big, mean dogs who spend all day chasing the squirrels. All the dogs are afraid of Sammy, though. He might be smaller than (most) of those cruel dogs, but he’s so fast and brave that he leads them around in circles until they’re totally exhausted, and then he taunts them until they promise not to bother his fellow squirrels ever again. In the squirrel community, Sammy is a hero!

The new version of Sammy is available for $2.50 from Etsy and from Ravelry.

In other news, I've finished the first version of the Manager for the Oceans on Thursday, and should be finished with a second version today or tomorrow - with hopes for a third version (because I had to modify from the first a fair amount) by Monday or Tuesday! Expect to meet this mystery soon!

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