Friday, June 10, 2011

Finished Object Friday! 6/10/2011

Well, last week I only had 1 finished object, and a busy, exhausting week, but this week I've decided to take today off and work tomorrow instead, so I'm gettin' fun stuff done - and I have three finished objects (well the one from last week and two new ones)!

Handspun Yarn
The first two are skeins of handspun yarn.

The first is from the pound o' fiber I bought cheap online. It's white and black, and it spun up lovely. I plied it with itself.

I guess I'm getting thinner, because this is 360 yards of the stuff! I could hardly believe it when I counted. However, with both this and the other skein I've noticed that now that it's thin, I have to ply it more tightly; there are a few places where it's WAY under plied; on the other hands, there are places where it's over plied. I've definitely got to practice plying more! I really like how this yarn turned out, though, and I'm really looking forward to making something with it.

The second is destined to be used for my dissertation in Nerd Wars.

This is the red fiber I showed last week, plied with a wool/silk/angelina blend that I got from Little Barn when I was at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I was practicing just getting the silk blend as thin as I possibly could (which turns out to be pretty thin). After it was plied I realized how green the blend was reading (I wanted it to read as blue), and I'm a little worried that the mixture looks like Christmas, but I'm just going to go with it. With my efforts at thin-ness, I ended up with 380 yards of this stuff, which should be plenty for what I intend to make with it!

I finished my Funk-a-delic Sofa Cushion Cover! I had expected it to take 14 skeins, which was the number I thought I had, and that's how many it took - except that I actually had 16, so now I have two left and absolutely no idea what to do with them. However, other than that disappointment, I'm really happy with how it turned out. :)

(you can see a little of the black/angelina I'm spinning on the table, ha...) that's one Nerd Wars challenge done, anyway. And last night, I started making some lace trim for a dress I have to sew - only my second time doing lace, and I've never made my own trim before, so I'm excited about it - hopefully it'll be done before next Wednesday, but either way it'll either be a WIP or FO next week. :)

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