Friday, June 24, 2011

Finished Object Friday - 6-24-2011

Well, thanks to a crazy work schedule that had me running all over NYC, I actually have a LOT of FO cause I always get tons done on the train and bus. :) However, I'm also in a hurry, so I'm gonna try to pack a lot in to a short time in this post. Warning in advance, loads of pictures ahoy!

This is the only one of these projects I actually finished last week, but I was too busy last Friday to get it up. I finished the spinning for my Nerd Wars dissertation - 600 yards of fingering weight.

Long-ish story short, I'm really happy with out it turned out.

Come on, Let's Pimp My Ride!
I guess I should note that all of but one of this weeks FO is for Nerd Wars. :) Anyway, my team decided to do a team unity project, the theme of which was "Pimp My Ride!" This made sense since our team is actually named after a car (Impala). For my car, I decided to make a steering wheel cover and a set of fuzzy dice.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out, but after the road trip I took on Wednesday night (9 hours of driving) I've seen a few deficiencies and will have to secure the cover to the wheel a bit better when I get home. :)

I decided to embroider the sides of the fuzzy dice with various symbols of importance in the Supernatural world. Specifically, one is covered with anti-angel symbols and the other with anti-demon symbols.

I'm very happy with how they turned out.

I thought that the fuzzy dice would be really distracting when I drive, to the extent that I might have to take them down, but as it turned out I hardly noticed them at all (though they were slightly problematic when we hit the crazy rain storms and I had to really concentrate on driving).

Bleeding Heart Lace
I finished all 12 yards of the lace I was making!

I also blocked about 2 yards of it before deciding it was just too time consuming and not worth it. The top heart is unblocked, the bottom blocked. I'd never blocked anything before, so I'm glad I got to learn how to do this!

The lace was made for my regency-style dress.


This is the dress for my crazy (literally) character in the LARP I'm playing at Origins Gaming Convention tonight. I sewed it all together, then I stained it with tea to make it look gross and beat up.

I can't tell if it really shows, though. I have to wear this dress tonight, and if I get the time I'll be ripping it up and destroying it a bunch more between now and then, and hopefully sewing on the trim (but if I don't get the time, life will go on and I'll use the trim for something else.

And finally, last but not least...

Baby Hats for Charity!
There's always a charity challenge in Nerd Wars, and this time it's making things for babies! I had really crazy days on Monday and Tuesday of this week, so I set myself a mini-challenge: Using random scraps I stuffed in my purse, make as many baby hats in two days as I can. However many I finish, I'll donate to a local hospital. Turns out in two days and about 10 hours on various forms of public transit, I can make 9 baby hats!
True story: I started to make the red and yellow hat just cause I liked the colors, then it dawned on me that it was Gryffindor colors, and that I had the scraps necessary to make hats in all the other house colors, too, so I just went ahead and did so. :)

And that's "all." Busy, busy week!! :)

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